nadine's photography
my tree is beautiful <3

finally got one! I love it c:
more bokeh lol
im a little obssesed with bokeh :0

A lot of people requested a holiday awards, so here you go! And thank you tumblr for ruining the quality but this banner is still pretty freaking cute :~)
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- Best URL (2)
- Best Posts (2)
- Best Uploads (2)
- Best Layouts (2)
- Best Theme (2)
- Best Christmas Theme (1 or 2)
- Best Theme Maker (1 or 2)
- Personal Favorite (1)
- Frosty the Snowman (Bronze)
- Rudoph (Silver)
- Santa Claus (Gold)
More Info:
- I’ll be choosing on Sunday, December 22nd. The exact time will be announced later.
- All the winners will have a solo promo to xx,xxx followers and a link on my blog for a week! The person who wins “Santa Claus” will also get a custom layout if they’d like.
- Credits to Celina for the best overall names! :)
Good luck, happy reblogging, and happy holidays!

i thought this was cool :p
personal & quality
*please don’t delete text, thanks*
my favorite phone case c:
daisies <3
fire bokeh tho
i love fire lol
love the colors <3
verde tho
my camera box is so cool
my cat <3